Dave's Star Wars

The Search

Deciding to try our luck with taking the quickest way we end up saving about two days of travel. Finally getting a chance to active the droid we ask it what it knows about the ship. Coming out of hyperspace we seem to have entered some sort of asteroid belt. The ships sensors are going nuts and we take a rock to the ship.

Quickly getting things under control we make our way out of the small asteroid belt and make way to the planet. Finding what seems to be a crashed escaped pod we find a close clearing to land the ship in.

Investigating the pod we are able to get some data out of if and figure out the location of where the ship should have crashed. A comically series of events happen as we try to navigate the jungle to get to the part of the crashed hull section. After many near death experinces while trying to get to the crashed section and searching it is obvious that we must find another part of the ship to find what we are looking for.

Moving on to find move of the ship we are ambushed by tree octopus’. Must of us goes unconscious due to falling out of the trees after being dragged up by them. Think we should return to the ship to rest for a bit.



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